Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Procrastination is THE DEVIL!!!!!

Hello Beloved,

I have been so neglectful of my blog. It started off being an attempt at trying to document the progress of me, my daughter's, my sister's, and my mama's natural hair growth (yes really all of us), but now it has just turned into a whole big blank space. Shame on Me!!!

This blog post will be a recap on rebuking procrastination.

So much happened last year. A special relationship I had with a long time friend, ended. I started a new relationship. I moved to Kentucky. My daughter turned three. God is so good and I know everything happens in seasons for a reason. One of the biggest lessons I've learned from last year is that procrastination is the DEVIL.

I truly believe that procrastination is the devil trying to keep us from achieving our full potential in life. In other words, its the devil trying to block our blessings.  One night I had a terrible nightmare about me procrastinating on getting to work and the end result was a true tragedy. I was so shaken by the dream that I woke up and had to make sure that wasnt my reality. After pinching myself, and rubbing my eyes, I realized that it was only a dream, or was it?

How many times in life had I already "missed my turn" at something because I decided to sleep in for 10 more minutes, or "hold off on sending in that paperwork"? I shared with my significant other, the realization that God sent to me about myself and my ways. He basically said "Tyne, I told you so"

The next day I woke up and punched the snooze button on my alarm as I do every morning, but this MORNING was different.

I closed my eyes and then immediately opened them, jumped out of bed, showered, got dressed, woke up my babygirl, got her dressed, and headed out the door! We had smooth sailing, and then "bam" a car speeding on the shoulder of the road, hit another car that was about to turn. I could see traffic was going to be backed up so I visually checked to see if someone had already called for help and once I saw that others were getting out to check on the accident, I switched lanes and proceeded to the daycare. Of course I prayed for those involved in the accident as well.

I got to work early that day and actually had to let my supervisor into our office because he left his key at home.

I thanked the Lord for waking me up that morning and getting me out the door. I reflected on it later and thought "Wow, If I wouldve gave into the spirit of procrastination, I would've been stuck in that backed up traffic from the accident or God forbid, part of the accident, Nailah would have missed breakfast at daycare,  i would have to stop to get her some, and then i'd be late to work, plus my supervisor would have been locked out of the office for at least an hour. What a domino effect! Praise God for waking me up, getting me on my feet and starting me on my way! I am so thankful!!

Long story, but necessary to share. Hey, somebody might be inspired!


Monday, June 20, 2011

BOB's (Black Owned Businesses) and RACIST CUSTOMERS

..Should they exercise their right to refuse service when patrons show blatant disrespect?

I'm a military brat (child of two military service members who traveled a lot) and service member myself so I've  been to quite a few different places and have had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures pretty much all of my life.

Moving to Kentucky was no different for me, until I started hearing stories from my counter parts about the still existing KKK population in surrounding counties, and also about the racist history of the town I now live in. Contrary to what I’ve heard, I seemed to have had nothing but amicable experiences until a few weeks ago.

I started frequenting a small, family owned Soul Food restaurant called ANADAN’S DINER. The food was delicious and the service was good. (im a stickler when it comes to that) However, there were a few things that grabbed my attention. The first thing that struck me was  the sign outside of the restaurant. It had a picture of a Caucasian chef. At first I thought maybe it was just a fair skinned African American, but then… I asked the owner about the history. He told me that it used to be a German restaurant and then they took it over and turned it into a soul food restaurant last year. (I giggled inside) Thinking to myself; “I wonder what people think when they come inside expecting to be greeted by an elderly German couple and see a 40-something attractive black man standing behind the counter?” They probably think; “Ok, he works here”.
Anywho…I digress…

I frequent Anadan’s for lunch now and I’ve noticed a pretty significant amount of Caucasians will step inside, only to be shocked and disappointed when they see an all Black staff greeting them. When asked are they “dining in” or “dining out” they say, “No, just looking for a menu” only to never return again. I asked “Q”,  the co-owner, how he feels about it and he said it doesn’t really bother him, although he knows why they choose not stay. He also said that some people do stay, and some are kind, which is awesome, but some are extremely rude to his staff and sometimes down right racist! Hearing this, I was appalled, because I have never experienced this in all of my 29 ½ years.

He told me one of the customers actually said to his waitress “Oh, so what, you expect a tip because you picked up a couple of plates?”  I was sad that had to happen, but all I could think was… “OOOH THEY GOT THE RIGHT ONE, BECAUSE IF THAT HADDA BEEN ME….”LOL

Anyhow, after learning what they go through on the daily, I asked myself would I refuse service if faced with the same… and the answer my friends is ABSOLUTELY!

People need to understand that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated, in the NORTH or the SOUTH…The majority thinks differently now...or do they? Feel free to share YOUR thoughts 

“Seasons change, mad things rearrange, but it all stays the same…”-Lauryn Hill/Fugees/How Many Mics

Friday, June 17, 2011

Stay Tuned...

(MOJA)#1  Has anyone tried Jamaican Mango and Lime Shea Butter Conditioning Shine?

If so, how come you never told ME about it?!!!  Review to come...

(MBILI) #2 BOB's (Black Owned Businesses) and RACIST CUSTOMERS..Should they exercise their right to refuse service when patrons show blatant disrespect? Thoughts anyone? Please share. I'll be posting my thoughts this weekend.

(TATU) #3 My little sis is my natural hairstyle guinea pig- Here is a pic of her with a frohawk by me :0)


If these kinks could talk, today they would tell you to wait for a SALE and then DOO try...


Unfortunately for me, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk (Lite) "The Curl Booster" did not boost my curls. It did, however live up to the "Lite' portion of the title;  price wise and density wise..he he ( knee slapper). The price was right, weighing in at a mere $9.00 for 10oz,  but I was not pleased with the results it gave to my hair texture (which i would say is a 4b/4c) and my hair length (which is a little longer than your typical twa). I've used about 1/4 of the bottle and I don't plan on using anymore. Some of the ingredients are alluring(it contains things like sweet almond oil and sheabutter), but it didnt give my hair any shine or definition. Boost my curls, it did not.  So,  if you are like me, 4b/4c hair type and trying to "save a buck or two" wait for this product to go on sale, before buying, or contact me and I will send you what I've got left! (smile)

I guess I'll mix what's left with some shea butter and other oils  so my $$ doesnt go to waste.

Hope this helped! Bless Up!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If these kinks could talk, today they would tell you... DOO try...


Last night, I decided that my hair was long overdue for some "hands-on" maintenance and protection. So, I stayed up, while on the phone with my Boo, twisting my TWA with Carol's Daughter "Healthy Hair Butter". My cousin and I had recently been discussing ways to get some good use out of our Carol's Daughter products. She has so many good products to choose from, so you really have to pace yourself to find out what is best for your hair type. On the instructions, it says to "use a small amount and massage into scalp and hair." You can do that as well, but I actually used a very small amount (less than a "pea" size) and worked it into each individual section that I twisted. (Can't wait to do this when my hair is long enough to do Bantu Knots!)

It left my twists(picture above) looking really shiny and feeling very soft. There was a small bit of buildup at first, which made me a little nervous, but this morning I woke up to shiny soft twists with ZERO buildup. I like to wear a "twist-out" and so I untwisted them. My kinks transformed to coils and had no flakes or dry feeling to them. It was very very soft and shiny and looked great.

The price is a little steep at 10.50 bucks for a 4 oz jar (16.50 for an 8 oz. jar or 29.00 for an "8 oz duo")  but a little goes a long way, so its definitely worth it.  I will probably invest in the 8 oz duo since it is cheaper that way. Althought I do wish they'd come up with one big 16 oz jar! That'd be some fierce competition for Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding. (not saying its about the competition or anything though) 

DAY 2!

Thank you to Carol's Daughter for this BETTA  "Healthy Hair Butter" :O)

Monday, May 9, 2011


Hello Beloved!

Today I am 6 months Clean. I was addicted to the "creamy crack" all the way up until October 26th 2010. 

I've always had the desire to go Natural, this is not my first attempt. The first time I BC'd was in 2006. It lasted for about 4 months and then I slapped some box relaxer in it and vowed to never look back. Then I had my precious little girl, Nailah. Her birth changed everything. Once her hair started coming in, I realized that I would never want to relax it. But then I would think to myself, "she is two years old now, what happends when she is five or six and she sees Yeye (Mommy) slapping this gooey white paste in her hair to make it straight, what will I tell her?" I teetered and tottered, but just couldn't see giving up my length (which by the way, I acquired mostly while pregnant with SHE).

Then I got even more pulled to put the crack back when I watched "Good Hair" by Chris Rock-A funny documentary about the amount of money and time African  American women spend trying to make their hair look like someone else's.

I decided to go "cold turkey" and leave the creamy crack alone once and for all while riding to Makeda on Florida Ave in D.C. with my Nafe. He asked me "Love, are you going to wrap your hair before we go out to dinner tonight?" I said, "Uggghhhh, I really want to find a hair salon that can style it out here, but I dont know anyone from the area, and the only beautician I trust is all the way in Jersey, I am so sick of being afraid of who I can trust with my hair!!!" He looked at me crazy and then I said, "ok, just take me to that barber shop around the corner from your house, Im going to shave it off, are you ok with that?" My man looked and me and said "you are beautiful  with hair and I am sure you will look even more beautiful without it, it dont matter to me Love"

With that reassurance, and the blessing of confidence from THE MOST HIGH. I walked into the barber shop and asked for the barber who had previously given my tapered edges a "shape up" the week before. He was happy to see his returning customer, and asked me what I was going to have done. I said, "just shave it all off please." He looked at me again and said "we can start cutting it a little low and leave your length on the top and front so you can have something until your natural hair starts growing out if you want". I then said, "no please just shave it off." I swear the barber must've been afraid of how I was going to react once I saw my low cut, because he just wouldnt get to shavin! He then proceeded to shave alittle bit off at a time and show me in the mirror. I was like, oh my goodness, will this man just shave my hair!

Finally, he asked me if he could give me a "high caesar", with a wash and condition, which would leave me with a little wave on the top and sides. I said "sure". All the while my sidekick Nafe was sitting in the waiting area watching the game, no sweat at all. He looked at me once or twice jokingly and said "Alright Love, this is it!" It calmed my nerves, because honestly, when the razor hit my head for the first time, i felt the biggest lump in my throat, I thought I was going to burst out into tears right in the man's chair!

But I was strong and sat seriously through the whole thing with no emotional outbursts! The final result was actually not bad! I felt so FREE.  More pics posted below

Immediately AFTER the BC!

5 months and counting...after a CO WASH